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Keto Meal Ideas

Keto Meal Ideas

The key to success with any project, including a diet, is to have a goal and a plan to reach that goal. So, when you start looking at meal ideas for ketogenic diet, keep in mind these are a bit more than ideas.

While there’s always room for personal choice and adjustments to fit your needs, when it comes to actually losing weight and feeling better, you’ll need to make choices and stay with them.

As you start looking for something that’ “easy” to do, you could start with a 30-day meal plan that includes enough information to keep you from straying into unacceptable foods.

When you find a plan you think you can follow (what you should be eating, recipes etc.) stay with it long enough to see results. Be honest about how you feel, physically and mentally.

Three Basics

First and foremost, any meal ideas and plans you use in a keto diet will focus on three categories: carbs, fats and proteins. Of course, you’ll need to consume the correct amounts in each category, consistently, to achieve the best results.

There will be some general amounts necessary to achieve the results you want, but keep in mind that your “normal” may not be exactly normal for someone else. In addition, there is a general rule that seems to work for almost everyone.

If you need to increase calories slightly, for energy and for satisfaction, increase the amount of fats. This might come from olive oil, coconut oil, butter, macadamia nuts, which won’t add from the other two basic categories.

These oils can be put on salads and even used as a snack in some way. Remember the idea of “normal.” Make this work for you while staying with the basics. Decreasing your calorie intake might take a bit more thinking but think in terms of portions.

It’s essential for you to stay with the diet, consistently. This program is based on the process called ketosis that takes place in your body over time. It’s important not to have a meal or a snack that makes you feel like you’ve cheated. This can slow the process or stop it, and it will take several days before your body is back to its required function.


The information up to now has been purposely general, because it’s so important to understand how this process works overall. But you will also need to know the details – which food types can be part of your keto-diet meal plan.

One more general idea: Make sure you eat what you need to feel full, and don’t force yourself to eat something you truly don’t like. There are plenty of great foods to choose from.

You’ll have a rather large shopping list to get you started, because you’ll need to stock up on the things you need. The list will include specific vegetables, especially spinach, as well as beef and chicken. You may not be able to buy everything you need at your local store, so you may have to reach out beyond your small community or neighbourhood.

Here’s something a bit more specific to help you get started. Red meat in the right proportions will add zero carbs, as is many choices in the seafood/fish category. Eggs are extremely low in carbs.

So are many of the choices you’ll have in cheese. You’ll need to include vegetables that grow above ground, as a general rule. These will also be very low in carbs.

A Few Ideas

Your diet plan can include some selections from this list: salmon, sardines, clams, mackerel. Not only are these low in carbs, they deliver important omega-3 fats.

Choose low-carb vegetables such as spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, kale. Cheddar cheese can be included in moderation, such as one ounce at a time.

Start including avocados in your diet. Half of an avocado delivers only 9 grams of carbs, with most of that being fibre. These are a good choice for vitamins and minerals as well.

You’ve read about meat and poultry, of course. These are a great source of protein, but you may want to focus on grass-fed meats for more omega-3 fats and antioxidant benefits.

Eggs are versatile in the ways they can be prepared, are very low in carbs and high in protein. As you plan your meals, include coconut oil, olive oil, plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and nuts.

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