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Keto Lunch

Keto Lunch

With any meal on the keto diet, actually with any diet (whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner)the key is to remember that you’re restricting the foods you eat.

For a keto lunch, as with all meals on this plan, you’ll eat a moderate level of protein, very low amounts of carbohydrates, and the right fats, in sufficient amounts to provide the energy the body needs.

With the correct combination of these three, your muscles get the fuel they need, but you provide very few carbohydrates for the body to burn.

You purposely take in the right amount of fats so the body uses this for fuel, thus the weight-loss benefit. Of course, people who follow this program consistently also report improved clarity of mind and better overall health.

What Can You Eat?

As with breakfast, it’s best to stay away from starchy foods, since they deliver too many carbs. Sweets are generally out, unless this comes from a specific source (such as 100 percent pure cacao and dark chocolate

Guidelines at sites such as this will help you make the best use of the diet, as well as giving you plenty of outstanding recipes that include moderate amounts of protein, low-carb levels and high intake of healthy fats. Your body will make the change to nutritional ketosis gradually, with your body burning fat for energy, instead of using blood sugar.

For the best keto lunches, you’ll probably start by stocking up on a lot of specific items, including vegetables of the leafy-green variety. These deliver few carbs, but are great sources for vitamins and minerals.

When you start planning your lunch on the diet, include some of the same items you would put on your dinner plate – spinach, cucumbers, parsley, celery, broccoli and cauliflower. It’s important to stay away from veggies that grow under the grow, rather than above the ground.

More for Lunch

Tomatoes can be a good selection as well. But remember to avoid starchy vegetables such as white potatoes, sweet potatoes and many members of the bean group. Lunch choices can certainly include meat and poultry, though the best choices will be grass-fed.

Try to avoid processed foods and those that contain preservatives. When you eat healthy meats, you get the right fatty acids that can help your brain and your heart, while also stabilizing blood-sugar.

You will probably have a rather extensive shopping list when you begin your keto diet, but the key to success is preparing meals ahead of time so you can be consistent from day to day.

It’s important to eat what you need to give you the satisfied feeling, so you don’t stray from the diet and eat something that shouldn’t be included. This shouldn’t be a problem, since there are plenty of great options.

Stock up on some of the vegetables mentioned, as well as on healthy beef, chicken and some fish. If you don’t find everything you need at your local store, you may have to stretch out beyond your neighborhood, or even go to another town.

Shopping online is a good idea as well, because several enterprising individuals have recognized the popularity of this diet and are offering food items accordingly.

In Summary

As you begin to plan your lunches for a week, or a month (and you should), consider salmon, sardines, clams and mackerel for lunches. They’re low in carbs and give you the essential omega-3 oils your body needs. Low-carb vegetables should include spinach, Brussels sprouts, kale and others as mentioned earlier.

If you’d like some cheese as part of your lunch, cheddar cheese in moderation is a good idea. Avocados are always a good idea as well. Half of an avocado has only 9 carbs, with much of this being fiber. They’re also a good source for minerals and vitamins.

We’ve already talked about meat and poultry. Eggs are an excellent selection as well. If you need to take your lunch with you, hard-boiled eggs can be easy to transport and fit in your diet well.

Anything you prepare or eat with coconut oil, olive oil, plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and nuts will be excellent lunch options.

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